Spiders Have Special Benefits But Beware Of That Bite

Many Americans warmly welcome four-legged friends into their homes, but few are comfortable when creatures with eight legs wander in from outside. Even though they make you shriek, some spiders play a positive role around your home by preying on other pests. For some homeowners, their contributions to reducing unwanted insects far outweigh the fear
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Why Should I Hire a Wildlife Professional?

  Why Should I Hire a Wildlife Professional?from lauraschmidt291, 3 months ago in How-to & DIYDealing with wild animals is a job for a professional. Here’s why.     Animal capture Removes Opossum Mother From Attic, Opossum Babies, Babies in Pouch, Jeremy BaileyIn this video Animal Capture Wildlife Control was called out to remove an
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How Anyone Can Remove Bats From The Attic – The Basics

Bat removal is not an easy job, however it is not overly sophisticated either. If you have recently found that your residence or business has been invaded by a swarm of bats, here are a few things that you can do to clear all of them out. Now, it is important that you should understand
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Lay Down The Law With These Pest Control Tips

Whether you are dealing with rats, fleas or cockroaches, pests are a real pain. Getting an exterminator to your home can cost a pretty penny. Thus, you may want to learn pest control techniques yourself. The piece below will help you learn to do what needs to be done. It is crucial that you fix
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Rats in and Around Your Home

By Anthony Del Campo Have you ever been laying in bed at night or enjoying a movie with your family and all of a sudden you hear scratching, thumping or scampering that sounds as if its coming from everywhere. Well you may now be a victim of a Rat infestation. Most homeowners won’t figure out
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Organic pest control – Natural bug and insect repellents

  Organic pest control – Natural bug and insect repellentshttp://www.howdini.com/howdini-video-7560657.html Organic pest control – Natural bug and insect repellents When it comes to insects in your garden, it’s a bu…     Organic vs Non Organic Pesticides: Is Organic Really Better for the Environment?With so many debates surrounding organic vs. inorganic gardening, and which is
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Pest Management In Commercial Food Establishments

  Pest Management In Commercial Food Establishmentsfrom dkincaid, 4 years ago in Health & MedicineEnvironmental Health Services, a Pest Control comapnay specializing in eco-sensitive pest solutions, presents an extremely informative presentation on how pests, rodents, and insects can be controlled in commercial food establishments.